• Semi-Permanent Make-Up: Lash Liner, Eyebrows

    What is it?

    • 6HD Eyebrow Embroidery
    • 6 HD Lip Embroidery
    • Lash Liner Embroidery

    Using the latest 6HD embroidery technique, your eyes, eyebrows and lips can now be enhanced in the most natural way possible. Our highly trained technicians use feather-like strokes to gently and effectively deposit custom-blended natural pigments into the skin, ensuring the most natural and fade-resistant results. These procedures are suitable for anyone and everyone.

    Why do you need it? Putting makeup on can be a hassle, depending on your mood and the amount of time you have to get ready. If you have been wishing that you can skip a step like drawing in your eyebrows or putting on your lip colour yet can’t leave the house without either, Paramedic Aesthetics can help.

    How can we help? Fortunately, there is a solution for you. Semi-permanent makeup can help you save on grooming time. Here at Paramedic Aesthetics we can help you look beautiful and ready to go with natural and long-lasting makeup artistry using the 6HD Embroidery technique.

    Not only will the result look beautiful, it will look natural.  At Paramedic Aesthetics, we know that the wrong color or shade can really ruin what could otherwise be an impeccable face and all our technicians are trained to make sure this does not happen!

    How can you benefit from it? To find out more, including what form of permanent makeup we can perform to suit your needs, please call +65 9499 9966 or use the form below to send an email.

  • Eyebrow Reconstruction

    What is it? This procedure can be performed on individuals with sparse or over-plucked eyebrows, or those who have lost their eyebrows to chemotherapy and other damaging medical treatments. This procedure can help correct badly done eyebrow tattoos.

    Why do you need it? If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of an eyebrow tattoo which is the wrong shape or colour or fading into an unnatural colour, then eyebrow reconstruction is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Removing an eyebrow tattoo through laser therapy can be costly and painful yet not remove all traces of the ink.

    How can we help? We can help you with this problem at Paramedic Aesthetics. You can benefit from a procedure that is not found anywhere in Singapore.

    Creative director and lead trainer Ms Eileen Seah says, “A trained technician will apply a highly effective numbing cream from the United States to the areas on the brow to be treated and leave it for approximately 30 minutes for it to take full effect. The numbing cream will then be wiped away. The technician will examine the natural shape of your brows before recommending a good shape that will not only compliment your face shape, but also enhance your look.”

    One of the technicians at Paramedic Aesthetic will explain what the procedure will involve, and the treatment begins after discussing your own preferences and the technician’s recommendations. Unlike older techniques of eyebrow embroidery, this new technique ensures that the effect is 100% natural as each short precise stroke effectively and naturally mimics the length and direction of growth of each strand of eyebrow hair. This means you will not see any obvious lines once your eyebrows have healed. Each and every stroke is made to blend in perfectly with your natural brows.

    How can you benefit from it? To find out more, including what form of semi permanent make-up services we can perform for you, please call at +65 9499 9966 or use the form below to send an email.

  • Hairline Reconstruction

    What is it? Hairline Restoration is a pocket friendly, painless and long lasting alternative to combat thinning hair and receding hairlines. This procedure is suitable for all people, including individuals who are not suitable for hair transplants to those who simply want to create the illusion of a fuller hairline.

    Why do you need it? Hair loss affects men and women due to several causes which range from genetics to environmental causes. At Paramedic Aesthetics, we understand that hair loss is a frustrating experience.

    How can we help? We can help you combat hair loss at Paramedic Aesthetics. This innovative procedure is one that mimics the thickness and growth of your own hair so even from up close it looks thick, natural and beautiful.

    The procedure involves embedding natural iron oxide pigments into the epidermis. These iron oxide pigments are custom-blended to match the natural shade of every individual hair strand. The application of topical anaesthetic will help dull the pain even for those who have low pain tolerance.

    The process begins with the application of an effective numbing cream from the United States to your hairline which will be left for 20 to 30 minutes for it to take effect. A trained technician will then custom-blend a shade of iron oxide pigment that will match your natural hair colour. The numbing cream will then be wiped off; this is then followed by the restoration process.

    The trained technician will then begin to gently introduce the pigments into your skin via a special blade that deposits these pigments into the epidermis. Each stroke she makes mimics the appearance of your own hair, allowing her to reconstruct, resurrect and restore your crowning glory. She will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure by applying more topical anaesthetic if and when required. The treatment takes about one to two hours depending on the area to be treated.

    This procedure is perfect for people looking to regain their youthful looks without suffering the physical, emotional (and financial!) pain of a hair transplant or are tired of gimmicky hair tonics. It is the guaranteed method to create fuller-looking hair!

    How can you benefit from it? To find out more, including what form of semi permanent make-up treatments we can perform for you to suit your needs, please call +65 9499 9966 or use the form below to send an email.

  • Vitiligo Re-Pigmentation

    What is it? Paramedic Aesthetics offers solutions to individuals who suffer from chronic skin pigmentation conditions such as vitiligo. The procedure covers discoloured skin, ensuring an even and natural skin tone that is long lasting and fade-resistant. Scar tissue can also be covered with the same procedure.

    Why do you need it? Vitiligo is a skin disease that makes your skin lose its natural pigment, leading to unsightly, discoloured patches of various shapes and sizes. It is no surprise that most people suffering from this affliction are self-conscious about this condition.

    How can we help? This treatment – which helps you rebuild the natural pigment of the skin – is not available anywhere else in Singapore. This procedure is only effective for vitiligo that has gone dormant for a few years. While the procedure does not halt the spreading of the vitiligo, it helps to cover up the dormant patches.

    How can you benefit from it? Call at +65 9499 9966 to find out more. One of our highly trained technicians will explain to you the pros and cons of this solution . You can also click on the link below to send an email.

  • Areola Restoration

    What is it? This procedure is suitable for individuals who have had to undergo mastectomy. It consists of the introduction of natural pigment into the skin to recreate the areola and nipple on reconstructed breasts. This treatment is also suitable for individuals who are seeking more evenly- coloured areolas.

    Why do you need it? For a woman, losing her breasts to breast cancer and then mastectomy is a traumatising experience which can affect her self-esteem and sense of identity.

    How can we help? This procedure involves the reconstruction of a nipple and/or areola on the breast. Not only is this procedure safe, the result will look natural and close to the real thing, even up close.

    How can you benefit from it? Call +65 9499 9966 to learn from one of our highly trained technicians about what it involves and how you can benefit from it. Although you can expect some level of discomfort with this procedure, it is mostly painless and you can return to your day-to-day activities after the treatment.

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