Realise your lash potential. LashRebirth's

stemcell therapy treatment programme

Stimulate dormant follicles. Exfoliate & condition from root to tip with stem cells allowing you to grow* thicker, fuller lashes naturally and safely.

*Results may vary.

LashRebirth is a 3 session
treatment programme consisting of:

In-Salon Treatment
+ Take-Home Nourishing Kit

3 Treatment Sessions
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3 Treatment Sessions
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Step 1

Lashes are reactivated with Follicule pilleux 1

(Micro-exfoliation with our messaging DermaPen to remove impurities and open up hair follicles)

Step 2

Follicule pilleux 2
Multivitamins are reactivated with Follicule pilleux 1

(Nourish the hair fibre and activate the dormant eyelash hair follicles)

Step 3

Follicule pilleux


(Consists of eyelash hair follicle stem cells, massaged into the eyelash roots with the DermaPen)

Step 4

Application of relaxing
lavender eye mask


(Encourages the absorption of active ingredients and relaxes the treated areas)


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