• 19 AUG 15

    Why was Paramedic Aesthetics created?

    Paramedic Aesthetics was created to fulfil a need that no one else did, at least not at the standards that customers deserve.

    Eileen Seah, the creative director and lead trainer for Paramedic Aesthetics says, “In the last 20 years, I’ve been actively involved in the beauty industry. From being a trainer at a makeup academy to consulting in the field of makeup artistry, I’ve always sought to empower people through beauty. A person that looks and feels beautiful is confident and performs well in all areas of life. However, I have found myself in many situations where I was unable to help those around me because I did not know of anybody who provided the services that they needed.”

    These were some of the situations that Eileen encountered:

    1. A beautiful young lady suffering from vitiligo. This is a chronic skin disease that is characterised by portions of the skin being unable to retain melanin, leaving a very obvious patchy appearance
    2. A lady in her 40s who overcame breast cancer, but lost both breasts to mastectomy. Although she had her breasts surgically reconstructed, she was self-conscious about her body and wanted to feel like a complete woman again.
    3. A young man lost his eyebrows after undergoing chemotherapy. While he was glad to be alive, he felt cut off from other people because he looked different and was stared at wherever he went, which affected his self-esteem.
    4. A beautiful woman in her 50s was losing hair at an accelerated rate. Although she had sought out different treatments, she was unable to solve her hair loss problems, leaving her feeling embarrassed about her awkward hairline and bald patches.
    5. A young lady in her 20s had her eyebrows tattooed at a salon; her harsh, very black eyebrows  eventually faded to an ugly green, which made her look strange.

    Eileen continued, “All of these people I’ve met were affected in a way or another by a physical flaw. Even if they appeared to be loved and accepted by those close to them, they felt self-conscious, even embarrassed in their own skin. Some even avoided looking into mirrors as they did not want to face up to their insecurity, embarrassment and sense of worthlessness.”

    “When I met them, I could not think of anywhere where they could go for high quality semi-permanent makeup or reconstruction performed in a sterile and safe environment.”

    That was how the concept behind Paramedic Aesthetics was conceived.

    Paramedic Aesthetics was created for anyone who wants to improve on their appearances or correct their flaws without compromising on quality, safety, hygiene and training.

    It is a place where a team of the most talented, knowledgeable and passionate people are gathered to provide you with semi-permanent makeup services you can’t get anywhere else in Singapore.


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