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    What Can You Find At Paramedic Aesthetics?

    Permanent And Semi-Permanent Make-Up

    Why do you need it? This is one of the easiest ways to improve your appearance immediately and it is one of our main services. It is safe, convenient, pain-free and provides long-term results.

    The 6HD technique used at Paramedic Aesthetics is very different from traditional eyebrow tattoos. An eyebrow tattoo procedure involves shading the entire eyebrow using a tattoo gun, which makes your eyebrows look unnatural. It is not to mention painful, and as with any tattooing procedure, also carries some risk of infection and is likely to fade into an unnatural colour.

    Tattoos are also permanent, and can only be removed via laser therapy, a procedure that is very costly and extremely painful. And while laser therapy can remove some tattoos, tattoo inks can be stubborn and the shadow of the tattoo can remain even after several rounds of laser therapy.

    (We can help you if you are looking to remove an eyebrow tattoo, click here to find out more).

    How can we help? Instead of eyebrow tattoos, we offer the 6HD Embroidery, a technique offered exclusively at Paramedic Aesthetics. This is by far the most advanced technique available today and it is used even by celebrities for that natural, well-groomed look.

    The procedure involves the introduction of natural oxide pigments into the epidermis via a special embroidery needle, and every shade is custom- blended to perfectly match your natural shading; an essential attribute of beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows. The 6HD reconstruction procedure involves creating up to six layers of fine, short strokes into the skin, ensuring a guaranteed natural look with no obvious gaps, or unnatural looking solid eyebrows.

    At Paramedic Aesthetics, we uphold high standards of safety and hygiene for all our procedures. All pigments are manufactured in a sterile lab where they are never at the risk of contamination and are applied using some of the more advanced tools possible. With 20 years in the beauty industry, lead trainer Eileen Seah attests that many regular salons do not put their clients’ safety as a top priority and therefore increase the risk of infection and scarring.

    How can you benefit from it? 6HD Embroidery can be used for most permanent and semi-permanent makeup purposes. To find out more or to set up an appointment, please call +65 6238 2228 @ Tan Quee Lan (Bugis). Our highly trained therapists will explain what the procedure involves and arrange for an appointment at the salon to assess if and how the procedure can fit your needs.

    Why do you need it? Putting makeup on can be a hassle, depending on your mood and the amount of time you have to get ready. If you have been wishing that you can skip a step like drawing in your eyebrows or putting on your lip colour yet can’t leave the house without either, Paramedic Aesthetics can help.

    How can we help?

    Fortunately, there is a solution for you. Semi-permanent makeup can help you save on grooming time. Here at Paramedic Aesthetics we can help you look beautiful and ready to go with natural and long-lasting makeup artistry using the 6HD Embroidery technique.

    Not only will the result look beautiful, it will look natural.  At Paramedic Aesthetics, we know that the wrong color or shade can really ruin what could otherwise be an impeccable face and all our technicians are trained to make sure this will not happen!

    How can you benefit from it? To find out more, including what form of permanent makeup we can perform to suit your needs, please call us +65 6238 2228 @ Tan Quee Lan (Bugis).


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