Paramedic Aesthetics’ award-winning  6HD Eyebrow Embroidery technique mimics the natural brow hair growth and direction, making it almost impossible to tell what’s makeup and what’s real.

  • Highly Trained Technicians
  • Highest Standard of Hygiene
  • Natural Iron Oxide Pigments
  • Custom Blended Colours
  • Suitable For Both Men & Women

Realistic Looking Mimic
Individual Hairs
Natural Hair Growth

Powder-like Gradient
Korean Makeup Finish

Uses 2 Embroidery Techniques
Multidimensional Feathery Strokes
Soft Powdery Gradient

Our promise

With a single session,
Paramedic Aesthetic aims to deliver

60% colour retention for up to 3 months

after the first eyebrow embroidery.

*It is recommended that customers schedule the second session a month after the first, to ensure even colour healing and retention for 12 months or more.

6HD Feathered Strokes Eyebrow Embroidery$400Book Now
Misty Gradient Powdered Eyebrow Embroidery$420Book Now
Signature Combi Eyebrow Embroidery$450Book Now

6HD Feathered Strokes Eyebrow Embroidery$270 (UP $400)Book Now
Misty Gradient Powdered Eyebrow Emnroidery$280 (UP $420)Book Now
Signature Comb Eyebrow Embroidery$290 (UP $450)Book Now

6HD Feathered Strokes Eyebrow Embroidery$460 
Misty Gradient Powdered Eyebrow Embroidery$470 
Signature Combi Eyebrow Embroidery$480 


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Healing process

Day 1

Redness & slight swelling may be present for the first 24 hours. Pigment intensity will gradually deepen. 

Day 2

Protective scab starts to form.
Some itchiness may occur.

Day 3

Skin on treated area starts to peel off naturally.
Area may look dry.

Day 4

Brows may appear patchy.

Day 5

Colour starts to deepen again.
Brows start to look natural.

Week 4 to 6

Pigments settle in the epidermis.
Skin is fully healed.