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Your best face forward

Paramedic Aesthetics provides semi-permanent makeup solutions for both men and women. We adhere to the highest standard of hygiene to prioritise your safety and master our semi-permanent makeup technique to ensure your satisfaction. We believe in the confidence that beauty provides, and aims to help you face the day one browstroke at a time.

Better brow days ahead

Paramedic Aesthetics strives for a future where men and women can look their best without much hassle in the morning.
Our solutions are totally wash and wear, without feeling uncomfortable under layers of makeup in humidity.
Waterproof, weatherproof and sweat-proof solutions takes the muss and fuss out of makeup to put your best face forward.

Facebook Reviews

  • I just did my eyebrow embroidery here and it was the most pleasant experience ever. People have misconceptions that it hurts but my beautician, Lyn, took care of me really well. She made sure that I liked my brow shape and also made sure that if I felt any discomfort, she would stop and put the numbing cream for me. She also allowed me to check on it once more before she added the finishing touches. For those who are still thinking about getting one, this place will really assure you with their quality service so don’t worry!

    thumb Vanessa Chia

    I came to Paramedic Aesthetics for their eyelash extensions service and my experience was great! The lash technician was friendly and made me feel comfortable throughout the process, and the end results were amazing. Will definitely recommend Paramedic Aesthetics to my friends!

    thumb Rachael Ng
  • Did the misty brow today and love the results. Mandy is really professional and her explanation is very detailed. Would definitely recommend to my friends 👍🏻

    thumb Fan Y Joan

    It is very professional. The place and equipment used are really clean and hygienic. The consultant is also very patient in trying to explain the procedure and shaping the brows to our likings before she proceed with the embroidery. The promotion price of the service is relatively cheap as compared to other outlets. I would strongly recommend you guys to give it a try!

    thumb Leonard Lim
  • I’ve seen some really bad brow embroidery jobs even among my friends so when it came to my turn I went to Paramedic because Rich is a friend and I trusted him. I never thought brows played such a big role in framing a face but I’ve since become a convert. My brows are enhanced but look really natural and I’m extremely happy with the results. Thanks Rich and Lyn!

    thumb Samuel Seow

    Great work done by Mandy. She is excellent in her work!

    thumb Michelle Ohbama
  • The results were beautiful and the beautician that did my lashes was very attentive, which made the whole experience great!

    thumb Clarissa Tan Wen Xin

    I had such a good experience with the 6HD men’s eyebrow Embriodery! It was natural and a painless procedure! Would highly recommend! 🙂

    thumb Marcus Nai Rong Yao
  • Just did the signature combi very happy with the results . Mandy was patient and experience no pain .Very nice n clean ambience highly recommended .

    thumb Rini Taylor

    Did my eyelash extension here and I loved that they are very particular about cleanliness and hygiene. The lash extension looked really natural which I like for an everyday look. The whole procedure was also very comfortable.

    thumb Regine Goh
  • I did my eyebrow embroidery at Paramedic Aesthetics last week and I’ve received many compliments since then. The session was painless and the therapist was very patient the entire time. I am extremely pleased with my brows now.

    thumb Jonyces' Ee Mei

    Did my hairline embroidery here, service was great beautician was very professional and explained to me in details. it has been a week and the healing process is in very good condition no redness or swelling. It was not painful but just some tingling sensation during process. Will definitely recommend my friends to come here!

    thumb Sharon Hu
  • Nice ambience. My brows done by Lynn. Very patient and experienced. Very naturally done. Nice!

    thumb Ac Chin

    I finally have eyelashes. It looks natural and comfortable. Thank you Lyn for this beautiful eyelash. 😊 ขนตาสวยต้อนรับวาเลนไทน์

    thumb Aunna Thitakorn
  • I only thought they do eyebrows but i was introduced to eyelash extensions there. Very comfortable and my own lashes really dont drop. Did before cny and tbe effect still there. Full volume but very natural still.

    thumb Zysel Orange

    I had my first positive eyebrow embroidery experience had last Friday by Lynn and the entire process was easy and painless. I really like the Men’s 6HD eyebrow embroidery services. Using multi-dimensional feather like strokes, the experienced therapist transformed my bushy untidy eyebrows into a set nice neat and natural ones! I really love it. The pigments used were made of natural iron-oxide, so it’s gonna be safe and wouldn’t discolor. After 3 days, the color of the brow strokes became a lot more lighter and natural, and it really frames my eyes well. During CNY, many of my cousins and relatives felt that I look different (in a positive manner, of course), and they didn’t know my secret at Paramedic Aesthetics. Highly recommended! Should really give it a try!

    thumb Brian Lee Kian Hong
  • I did the misty brow embroidery at Paramedic Aesthetics and was very impressed with their hygiene practices. Not only that, I really loved the ambience of the place as it’s cosy and warm and even have a variety of drinks for you to choose from when you’re waiting. As for the procedure itself, it was smooth and I didn’t feel much pain at all. My consultant also made sure to find out what kind of eyebrow shape would suit me most as well as the extend of the darkness of my brows I would like to have before proceeding. Right now, I’m very happy with the results and even after brows fade, I still don’t need to draw them if I don’t want to and if I do, it has become a lot easier as there’s a clear shape to follow 🙂

    thumb Zoel Lim

    Had my eyebrows embroidery done by Lynn. She is great at her skill. My brow looks very natural. Highly recommend their service. 🙂

    thumb Celine Blance Wong
  • 真心推荐这家店❤ 第一次在这做了绣眼线 效果非常棒! 很满意.. 而且做得过程也不疼.. 开始前, 由于本身双眼的眼皮不对称 纹绣师也非常有耐心的与我沟通和给我一些建议.. 总之出来效果真的好满意!! 赞!赞!赞

    thumb Baobeii Jesty

    I went in for 6D mixed misty brow and I highly recommend Mandy. She is very professional and accommodating to my needs. I was very happy that she listened specifically to what I want done because I been to other places and they aren’t open to listening in doing what you ask. It is a refreshing experience to have someone finally listen to what you want/need. I’ve already plan on going back for a retouch!!!

    thumb Jessica Celestino Samson

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